Mobile Apps – a fastest growing system in the world of smart phone devices becoming very popular within less time period. With the growth in the number of mobile devices in the marketplace and the acceptance of Android,IOS and Window by mobile companies, there is no doubt that apps Application Development is a necessary deal to all IT companies .


In modern information and communication age mobile application is one of the most concerned and rapidly developing areas. In the current era age of Information and communication system, people are habituated to use mobile and mobile’s application. Development of mobile apps is a new and rapidly growing sector. There is a global positive impact of mobile application. Mobile applications are running on a small hand hold mobile device which is moveable, easy to carry , easy to use and accessible from anywhere . Now a day, so many companies are moving to develop mobile applications for their clients and making help to grow their business. The mobile application run in a mobile environment which usability depends on several factors such as: Screen resolution, Hardware limitations, Expensive Data Usage, Connectivity issues, Limited Interaction possibilities. Last few years the mobile companies are trying to develop mobile device with more screen resolution, more storage, better connectivity which provide better environment for modern mobile application

Here are 5 important factors that will impact your mobile application decision:

  1. If you want apps that work across multiple platforms, mobile web apps are a better option.
  2. If you want apps that access the device’s camera or microphone, native apps are a better option.
  3. If security is important, mobile web apps are a better option.
  4. If you want to sell your apps, native apps are a better option.
  5. If you want apps that integrate with existing systems and databases, mobile web apps are a better option.

Webmind Services team plans on creating mobile apps, those factors will help our clients to guide your planning. Remember, mobile computing is the future of business.


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